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What In This World Kind of World Are We Living In???

In a world full of crashing Tesla's, robots in the NYC subway system, aliens, plaques, wars, corrupt government, and rising crime, and inflation, I just wonder what in this world is happening and when did it all change so drastically? Let us explore together what it all really means.

We are living in a time of loss. We have lost tradition, hope, faith, and worship. We are living in the most selfish era of our existence as humans. Selfishness and greed run rampant in our society because more is never enough. A perfect example without naming names, the richest man in the world could have given every single person on planet earth one million dollars each and remained filthy rich. Could have eradicated world hunger, homelessness, poverty, but he chose not to. If that is not the ultimate greed, I do not know what is. the significant cultural shifts that have resulted in the loss of custom, hope, faith, and group worship against this turbulent background.

We have lost so much over the years, our family units broken, we lost our faith through losing our traditions. We became a society that sees themselves as the higher power. Granted I am not talking about every single person in the world but the ones that still have faith and value a relationship with God are becoming a dying breed. Covid hit and people thought the world was over because they had no faith and as a result mental illness set in on a whole new level. Faith is becoming a less valuable commodity in a society that sees itself as the final authority.

Plague after plague set in, climate changes ensued. What? A hurricane in NY?? The deadliest storms we have ever seen have hit all corners of the earth. We have become the Jetsons with robotic vacuum cleaners, TV's, speakers that talk to us, digital money, and flying cars. I am concerned about the rising divide between people in a time dominated by technical breakthroughs and self-centeredness, all pushing us even farther away from God and each other. Me, Me, and more Me, is the new theme.

Individually, where do you stand at this moment in time? Who do you worship? I encourage us all to reflect on our own place in this changing world and ask ourselves who or what we worship in a society that is driven only by individualism.


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