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Where In This World Are We Supposed To Live?

If you are one of the unlucky people searching for an apartment in New York at this time, you know the feeling of angst I am speaking of. Apartment rents are astronomical. It boggles my mind how anyone can live here. Unless you have a high salary job or a family with means that can help you, you face the very scary reality that you may not have a place to rest your head. It is even more terrifying for a single mother. Trying to find a home or apartment that is affordable seems nearly impossible and if you find something you need all these intricacies to align:

  • You hope that it isn’t in a dingy basement.

  • You can take your child with you.

  • You can bring your pet along.

  • They do not expect you to pay another $300-$600 in utilities on top of the rent.

  • The rent will not increase on your next lease signing.

  • The homeowner is not going to turn around and sell when the market is better.

Rental prices in New York have skyrocketed. I find myself in the unlucky group of renters whose landlord has chosen other means of dealing with their rental property. Today’s landlords are either selling or raising the rent, which makes it almost impossible for most working-class families to survive. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but the salaries do not match our cost of living. Many families find themselves having two or even three jobs or multiple streams of income.

Have you ever noticed how many more cars are on the road these days? People are using their cars more and more to make ends meet. People are working and working and working just to pay rent. Our quality of life is almost nonexistent. We work and work just to put food on the table and keep a rough over our heads.

According to the web search results, the statistics on rentals for a two-bedroom apartment in Suffolk County, NY are as follows:

When does this end and when do we get a sigh of relief? Is New York really becoming a state just for the rich? If that is the case, who will serve them their lattes, I ask you?

Where in this world???


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